How To Use

  1. Shovel and remove the cuticles, shape the nail edge and buff the nail surface.
  2. Use brush to clean the nail dust.
  3. Apply the primer to air dry for 20 s; apply the base coat nail polish and cure by UV/LED lamp for 30-60 s.
  4. Apply 2-3 layers of colorful gel polish and cure by UV/LED lamp for 1-2 mins.
  5. Apply the nail polish top coat and cure by UV/LED lamp for 30-60 s.
  6. Finished.


How To Remove

  1. Using nail buffer to buff the nails lightly.
  2. Soak off the gel nail polish into nail remover wraps for 5-10 mins.
  3. Use cuticle pusher to remove nail polish.
  4. Buff nail surface again.
  5. Apply some nail cuticle oil and massage gently.



◆ Before using nail gel polish starter kit, do a skin test. If you feel nothing else, use it again. If you feel unwell, please stop immediately.

◆ Do not use nail polish when the nail is damaged or infected. Use it only when the nail is healthy.

◆ Apply gel base and top coat as thin as possible. If it is too thick, it may cause shedding.

◆ The use of reinforce glue will make nails stronger and longer lasting.


Reasons For Easy Fall Off

  1. There is grease on the nails, you should buffer the nail surface.
  2. The curing time of the LED/UV lamp is not enough, the base coat should be cured for 30 s, and the soak off gel polish should be cured for 1-2 mins.
  3. Nail gel polish applies to the skin on the edge of the nail.
  4. Use too many primer or base coat, apply a layer is enough.
  5. Gel polish coating is too thick, just apply 2-3 layers.





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