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Acrylic Nail Kit Acrylic Powder Glitter Nail Art Manicure Tool Tips Brush Set

Product Information: Product Name: Nail Glitter Set Net weight: 385g Gross weight: 400g Size: 24*14.5*10.5cm Packing: boxed   Specification:Type: Acrylic Nail KitQuantity: 15 Colors Fashion Nail Acrylic KitAcrylic...

Product Information:

Product Name: Nail Glitter Set

Net weight: 385g

Gross weight: 400g

Size: 24*14.5*10.5cm

Packing: boxed



Type: Acrylic Nail Kit

Quantity: 15 Colors Fashion Nail Acrylic Kit

Acrylic Powder Volume: Approx. 8g

Acrylic Powder Color: Pink/White/Clear

Note: No need for nail lamp curing

Suitable For: Acrylics, Artificial Nails, Gels, Nail Art, Nail Tips

Features: Easy Cleaning, Eco-Friendly, Waterproof, Extension

Bundle Description: 12 Colors Glitter Powder + 3 Colors Acrylic Powder + 200Pcs False Nail Tips + More Nail Art Tools


❤ Long Lasting: Has good adhesion, can last for 14-21 days without peeling, no bubbles, does not need nail lamp curing, can be dried naturally, can be used on natural nails, false nails, half cover nail tips, acrylic nails , French nails , carved flowers, nail extensions and nail decoration.

❤ 12 Color Nail Glitter: 12 colors can be matched at will, you can use daily and holiday party nail art. One package meets your multiple needs

❤ 15Pc manicure kit: This kit contains all acrylic nail tools. 100Pc white nails and 100Pc natural nails. Each type of artificial nail contains 10 different sizes to make it more suitable for nails. Fake fingers can help beginners practice better

Package Contents :

1 False Nail Art Practice Finger
1 Double Cup Plastics
1 Horn Brush
1 Mini Liquid Pump Dispenser
1 Acrylic Powder (clear)
1 Acrylic Powder (white)
1 Acrylic Powder (pink)
2 Toe Finger Separator
1 Nail File
1 Striping Sanding File
1 Buffing Round Sandpaper Nail File
100 White French False Nail Tips
100 Clear French False Nail Tips
1 Acrylic Pen Brush
1 UV Nail Pen Brush (random)
1 Cuticle Fork
10 Wood Sticks
1 Nail Art Cutter
Varied colors of Rhinestones (about 1000 tablets)
 12 Nail Glitter
20 x Nail Form
1 Stainless Tweezer

The process of making
crystal armor extends the process of making crystal armor

Materials needed: crystal powder, crystal liquid, pen washing water, crystal pen, crystal cup, nutrient oil, sand strip, white abrasive block, bright oil, polishing block (or polishing strip), finger rest.


1. After trimming your fingers, please use a file to polish the nail surface rough (because the rough nail surface is easier for crystal powder to adhere)


2. Attach the nail pad to the interface of the edge of the nail, and it must be exactly the same.

3. Pour the crystal liquid into the crystal cup and soak the pen. Remove the bubbles in the pen. If there are bubbles, it will not stick easily.

 4. Dip the crystal pen soaked with crystal liquid into the crystal powder to get the powder, and it will melt into a powder ball immediately.

5. Drop the powder ball on the fingertips and press the belly of the crystal pen into the shape of the nail.

 6. Then make the middle part and use more powder balls to coat it thicker.


 7. Spread crystal powder for the third time near the bottom of the nail. If the edges are smooth, protruding clots are less likely to appear.

 8. When the crystal powder has begun to dry, gently remove the nail pad. Note: If it is not dry or soft, the shape will be easily damaged.

 9. Pinch the crystal armor from both sides before it hardens. From the front, it looks like a beautiful C-shaped arc.

 10. After it is completely solidified, use a file to trim the nails to the length you decide.

 11. For the edges, be sure to polish them until you can't see the gap between your nails and the artificial nails.


12. Look at the nail surface from different angles and create a symmetrical shape.


 13. If you try to cut and polish the uneven areas at the beginning, it does not matter.


 14. Use the white tofu block sanding block to smooth all the nails. Every corner must be polished. At this point, a transparent effect will begin to appear

 15. Polish with a four-sided polishing strip until the nails are completely transparent and shiny!






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Acrylic Nail Kit Acrylic Powder Glitter Nail Art Manicure Tool Tips Brush Set
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